Ranson City Hall

Ranson City HallRanson City Hall is located at 312 S. Mildred St. in Ranson, just south of the Circle.

History & Renovations
This imposing three story brick and stone building with its unique "keyhole" entrance was built by local builder, Julius C. Holmes and completed in October of 1891, at a cost of $10,700. It was to be the headquarters of the Charles Town Mining, Manufacturing and Improvement Company.

The company that was formed by 7 seven men, including Col. Roger Preston Chew, who had a vision to make Charlestown (one word until 1912) the industrial capitol of the area. The building was sold three years later to the Charlestown Board of Education and has since served as a school, post office, and apartment building until it was purchased to house the municipal government.

Ranson City Hall has undergone extensive renovation since 2002. Careful and calculated planning has allowed city officials to maintain the original design while adapting the interior to meet the demands of a 21st century government.

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