Charles Town-Ranson Christmas Parade

Celebration & Activities

The event is held the 1st Saturday in December, and brings people from every corner of Jefferson County to see the annual Christmas Parade. A favorite among locals, visitors will also enjoy the the talent and creativity displayed with an array of floats, marching units, and local organizations. Please join us in coming together to celebrate the holiday season in both towns. Spectators can enjoy the parade along Mildred St. or Washington St.

A note from the cities regarding the weather:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

There are a lot of things we can control in life, but the weather isn’t one of them.  We have been watching the forecast carefully for some time now, hoping it would change for the better but, unfortunately that has not happened.  We have looked at alternative dates to host the parade, but there aren’t any that won’t conflict with large numbers of our parade participants, or with the critical support staff that it takes to safely and effectively manage our parade route and operation.  With that we are left with the options to continue as planned and hope for the best or simply cancel the event.  With the large amount staff time both communities have put into organizing the parade and the time that many organizations have put into building their perfect float, we have decided to let the event play out and make the best of it.  We will be here and we hope you will too.  Many of you have indicated that you won’t be participating and we want you to know that, we understand.  Feel no need to explain yourselves.  We want everyone to make the right decision for their organization.  We have posted the following message to our respective social media sites in an effort to let the public know where we are with this event.    

“The Charles Town-Ranson Christmas Parade will continue its 74 year tradition tomorrow at 2 pm. We fully understand that the weather forecast is not ideal and we may get wet. But, after consulting with participants and event organizers, and considering other dates and times, it is logistically impossible to reschedule with so many other holiday events scheduled in our area. So, we hope you bring your rain gear and join us as we kick-off another holiday season.”

Attached to this email you will find an alphabetical listing of the parade entrants along with a “staging map” indicating where you should line up.  We have measured the staging area and will have the numbers posted around 10am tomorrow morning.  We will have staff at 3rd Avenue & George Street, behind the Independent Fire Company, to help participants find their spot.  Should the weather or any other circumstance change both communities will update their social media sites immediately.  Thanks for your understanding and may the best of the season be upon you. 

Charles Town – Ranson Parade Committee